Sleeping under the stars

Holidays are here! We are embarking on a long drive to the north so we have decided to camp along the way. My other half and I have been camping for years both as single people and as a couple, but last year was our first time camping with a toddler and a dog,  we definitely learned from the experience and there are some things we will do differently this time around.

Lets start with the sleeping situation:

Tent: After making sure that the toddler and the dog would take to camping, we purchased a 5 man tent (that is actually water resistant ) in the end of season sale. Two sleeping compartments, that provides us with plenty of space, and an awning (that is where the dog sleeps).

Foam mats  : those go under the beds and in the awning providing insulation from the ground. you don’t have to for anything fancy, You can get them from as little as £3, any yoga mats that you might have lying around already would do the job just fine(we did not have these last year and walking around without shoes in the tent awning made our feet freezing)

Beds: Air beds are easiest for us to transport as they take up the least amount of room when deflated.

Woollen blanket : one for each bed. The only way to actually be warm in bed whilst camping is to insulate the bed from the ground and insulate yourself from the bed. So before you put any sheets on cover it with a woollen blanket(last year we made the mistake of not doing this and we did not sleep well at all, as we were  absolutely freezing)

Bedding: In this area we kind of like our creature comforts, we all like a good night sleep so we take pillows and duvets.

Lighting: We have a lantern for the tent awning,head torch each for the sleeping compartments and for the last bathroom trip.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 17.05.16


We plan our meals and bring all dry and canned food that will not spoil without refrigeration, for the rest we go to supermarkets close to the camp site.

Table: we take a folding table, useful for food preparation and playing games.

A gas stove: That really elevates the alfresco dining game

Camping chairs

One deep pan (that cover most cooking and boiling water for coffee) and One frying pan

Plastic plates and some cutlery

Mugs (we do prefer travel mugs as they are less probed to spilliges)

Washing up bowl, sponge and washing up liquid.

A lot of kitchen paper and wet wipes: those come in handy, constantly, especially when the nearest sink is a 5 min walk from your tent.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 17.12.05


A lot of our time is normally taken up by long walks however we bring books, jigsaw puzzles, dominos, and a digital radio that is battery operated. We are taking an iPad with movies and a power bank but we tend to ration the electronics and screen time.

Hope this helps any of you that are thinking of sleeping under the stars some time soon.


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