Fruity Summer treats

The summer is in full swing and the ice creams are flying off the supermarket shelves. We are all looking forward to a delicious,cooling treat. If, like me, you are looking for the opportunity to take those indulging moments and turn them in to healthier chooses without compromising on the experience, then here are two recipes that will deliver.

Berry Frozen yoghurt:

  1. 300g – 400g frozen ripe berries, either alone or in combination( raspberries, blackberries,  blueberries and strawberries are all good)
  2. 125g natural whole milk or a thick Greek style yoghurt
  3. 2-3 spoons of honey, depending on the sweetness of the berries
  4. Put the honey and yoghurt in a food processor  and combine. Next add the berries and whiz until very smooth.
  5. Eat immediately. Any left overs you can put in to moulds and freeze to make frozen yoghurt lollies.

Banana ice cream:

Bananas make a good and amazingly creamy ”ice-cream” on their own. Peel, thickly slice and open freeze on a tray,then bag up and return to the freezer. When you fancy near-instant banana ice cream, grab a couple of handfuls of the frozen chunks and whizz in the food processor , scraping down the sides a few times until you get to a very smooth and creamy consistency. The ice is great on its own but you can add a couple of table spoons of nut butter, some cocoa powder, a sparkling of cinnamon or a little vanilla extract.




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