Father’s day gift guide


With less than two weeks left to Fathers day, I am going to share the more interesting dad apparel I have stumbled up on this year, in the hope of giving you some inspiration to find the dad figure in your life a gift that will not break your budget.

Card. There are as many different cards out here as there are personalities, this a very good opportunity to get crafty and creative.  However if you don’t fancy getting out the glue stick and craft paper, then here are some of the more interesting cards,in my opinion, that are out there. Go outside the lines, Black and Beech, Paperchase

Skin care. If the father figure in your life has the panash for personal care or would like to get in to it,but he is not sure how to,then this is your chance give them a helping hand. In our household these product have been tried, tested and loved.

I you would like a small gift set then these two are  very reasonably priced options .The body shop The modern gent rescue kit and Hemp high moisture expert kit

If you prefer to mix and mach and make your own selection I would totally recommend looking at  the Maca root shaving cream creamy and makes for a very nice shave. Maca root razor relief  very moisturising, non greasy and calming after a shave.The Hemp hand protector extremely nourishing without the sticky feeling,absorbed very quickly.

Magazine subscription. It might seem old-fashioned in the world of online news, content and entertainment but believe me it is the gift that keeps giving. If there is a passionate foodie in your home, then Jamie Oliver’s monthly publication is an excellent choice. New scientist is the magazine of choice in our household and I can personally guarantee that it will for-fill the need for scientific knowledge in anyone. Gardeners world, Esquire, what would suit your dad?

ClothingWell we can’t talk about Fathers day gifts and not mention a very traditional token of apreshiation, the good old pair of socks. I have recently stumbles upon a brand that makes socks with a difference. Jollie is a brand that makes a sustainable sock donation to homeless shelters around the country for every pair of sox purchased. Staying on this topic, £10 from every FMLY  PAPA T-shirts purchased goes to a prostate cancer charity. Last on my dad apparel list is Black and Beech RAD DAD T-shirt, no charity involved with this one however the illustration is super cool and by purchasing you are supporting a small business.


Tech. This one you might say it is a difficult one to do on a budget , but here we agree to disagree. The Google cardboard is an inexpensive and simple way to explore virtual reality. Widely available on amazon and google, and compatible with most smart phone, it is just a fun toy the whole family can play with.

Raspberry Pi is a one for the programmers out there. For around £15 you can get the Zero model with a starter kit and the world is your programming oyster. Our  doorbell is Raspberry pi operated and sends a photo to our emails every time someone rigs it, i have no idea how that works but i can assure you it provided hours of fun programing.

Lets end this on an even higher note, IF you are trying to encourage a more positive mind-set in the father in your life ,then look no further. The Yes MUM pops cards are little cards  with positive messages and affirmations on the subject of fatherhood.

yes mum pops

Whatever you plans, whatever your budget, let the emphases this Fathers day be on quality time you spend together!


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