The not so ordinary serum foundation

Well I managed to order one and it has finally arrived! Well about a week ago actually. The Ordinary serum foundation has been under intense testing and scrutiny. If you are not familiar with the The Ordinary,  the brand is the entry lever  for the Deciem umbrella company, that focuses on delivering key,well know ingredients without the fuss and frills of fancy packaging and filler ingredients.

Let me set the seen, my skin hasn’t been great the last couple of weeks so this foundation has had to deal with some pigmentation and textural issues. I like my foundations to feel light, and to be pretty undetectable on the skin. I pretty much go for the “my skin but soooo much better” look. As the name would suggest this is light to medium coverage foundation. Less is more with this product, the first time I used it, I  loaded up my sponge and ended up with too much product on my skin, which did not result in the greatest finish.  Start light and build up in the areas you need more coverage. The texture is pretty liquidy but don’t be fulled, the formula is oil free so don’t expect it to give you any extra moisturisation. If your skin is leaning towards the drier type then I would suggest hydrating  properly prior application. Having said that the foundation dealt very well with the dry patches on the side of my chin, result of me slapping loads of spot drying cream, in an attempt to rid myself of the hormonal giants that had appeared a week earlier. Blended well over the dry area, and even though, a dry patch is a dry patch in the end of the day, it did not exaggerate and did not make it too noticable. Blends quite easily, and stays put for a good amount of time. My T zone is usually quite oily, but I was quite pleased with the longevity even in this area. It did not last all day but was not too far off. The shade range is absolutely great, 21 shades to be exact, very few products in this price range can deliver in this area. My skin is more on the neutral to yellowish side so pretty much everything from the high street is too pink for my completion. Whilst we are on the subject of price it is worth to mention that if you don’t live near a DECIEM store and order online, there is a delivery charge. The foundation is £5.70, however if you have no intention on trying or are not already using products from the brand, the delivery charge of £4.99, which makes it more in line with a high street product. It is still exceptionally affordable but not as cheap as it first appears to be. This doesn’t bother me as I already use and love a few of the brands skin care products.

Similar product I have tried and loved before is the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream. Similar price point, same SPF content, same amount in the bottle and quite similar in texture, however I would say that the Ordinary has a more buildable coverage, last slightly longer, has slightly dewyer finish and has much larger choose in colour.  Over all I absolutely love it and it is totally worth the hype in my opinion.


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