Go with the seasons 

Do you do you put the same fruit and veg in your supermarket trolley ,week in and week out. A packet of salad leaves, tomato here a cucumber there, we are all supposed to be working on eating our 5 a day. It is no brainier right, or is it ? Buying fruits and vegetables out of their natural growing season would cost you a pretty penny and will not leave a very pleasant taste in your mouth.

In an ideal world we would all be able to buy all of our food produce from the farmers market, where we can all have a chat about, how and where, the lot has been grown. Sometimes the harsh reality is that a lot of us don’t have the time and the means to do that. However I believe  there is a way of having a better quality of product for affordable price if you change what is on the menu with the change of the seasons. By eating seasonably not only can you  save, but you can start to enjoy your food more. Food rut no more as every few moth new ingredience become available.


Just to give you an example Winter is root vegetable heavy, lots of hearty stews and warming soups, ideal for the British weather. Spring brings things like asparagus, broccoli, jersey royal potatoes, spring onions, radishes. Slowly but surely things start creeping up in to the menu to replace some of the more heavier vegetables from winter. Summer is the season of plenty so tomatoes, runner beans, salad leaves, rocket, courgettes take the main stage. Autumn is the time for sweet corn, wild mushrooms, butternut squash,shallots, turnips, leaks to name only but a few.

We have always eaten reasonably seasonal, however as soon as we put the effort and made the conscious choice we found yourselves buying reasonably local food with no extra cost. If you have no idea what is grown when then two really good websites to have a look at are Eat the Seasons U.K.  (Us and Canada) and BBC good food. Both have charts to help you get your head around the subject. Also both websites give you recipes and ideas how to cook it all.

Just think about the fun, the experiments and the discoverys that you could be enjoying buy going with Mother Nature’s flow.


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