Taking charge of the skin care routine

Lets face it most of us would choose to bury our head in the sad and hand over a thick wad of cash for products that promise amazingly healthy and beautiful looking skin and pray for a positive result. The minute I hit puberty my battle with acne prone, combination skin that is on the sensitive side began. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on a lot of products. Some didn’t work at all, some worked a bit, and the vast majority made matters worse. Via trial and error and hear say I found some products that sort of worked but were costing me a fortune. When I got to the realisation that I couldn’t afford to spend my disposable income at the rate I was, I had to get creative.

It was time to get to know my skin. Trough the power of the internet I found “The skin type solution” by Leslie Baumann M.D. Trough a detailed questionnaire the book allowed me to really understand what skin type I have. The exhaustive information taught me what ingredients I should stay away from, and what ingredients I needed in my skin care. It is good to bear in mind that the book is out of print, some of the product recommendations are no longer on the market, but never the less the core information is still relevant and very useful.
Building on the knowledge I had gathered from the book, i stumbled across the YouTube channel of a lady named Caroline Hirons. She has been in the beauty industry for years and has seen every skin type possible. The content intrigued me enough to visit her blog site, where the real golden nuggets lay. Real eye openers are her cheat sheets which are filled with simplified, but in no way dumbed down, useful information.

Even though I am now in a good place, the road of getting to know my skin, and discovering products that suit it, has been quite long and costly. Learn from my mistakes don’t just stab opinions the dark hoping for results. Educate yourself, visit a dermatologist, whatever you chose don’t put off the discovery of the best side of your skin.


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